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Giving you a single point of contact

We account manages our client base via a plan, created and shared to ensure that the account management team and wider personnel are always aware of a client’s profile including areas for contract development, maintenance and resolution.


We will appoint an account manager to your specific  contract. This account manager will oversee the relationship from implementation to contract expiry or renewal ensuring key organisational stakeholders have one point of contact for the contract term.


During the life of the contract the dedicated account manager will work with our team to allocate the most appropriate resource/s to a client at any one time to manage the account requirements, however the account manager will oversee the running of the contract as a whole.


Account management meetings


Conducted in person at a frequency and location agreed with client. Prior to the meeting our account manager will distribute an agreed agenda and analyse and provide supporting data relevant to the agenda. This analysis and data provision will be in addition to any periodic management Information (MI) from which trends will be identified. The account manager may also organise the attendance of our advisers expertise relevant to the agenda items.

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