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Owner driver scheme

  Key Features:

  • The employee conduct business mileage in their privately owned vehicle.

  • The employee is responsible for all costs associated with their privately owned vehicle including insurance and maintenance.

  • The employee is permitted to claim business mileage at a pence per mile rate stated by their employer. This rate is typically higher than they would be permitted to claim in a lease vehicle and may relate to fuel type and or cc of the vehicle.

  • The employee makes their own arrangements for insurance and maintenance of the vehicle.

  • The employer has no ability to influence the choice of vehicle

  Policy & Management:

  • It is key to ensure you have records in place to identify your owner drivers and the vehicles they are using.

  • In order to comply with their legal duty of care employers are required to complete and evidence regular checks that owner drivers are appropriately qualified and insured to drive a roadworthy vehicle for business purposes

For further details regarding services available to ensure your duty of care compliance please Click Here.

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