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Making it simple from order to delivery

Once the driver has decided upon the vehicle they wish to order we are committed to ensuring the order and delivery process runs smoothly by co-ordinating suppliers and providing drivers with relevant updates.

Vehicle order

  • Drivers are able to accept quotations via the fleet portal which will generate the relevant order form for signature and return along with any supporting driving licence paperwork.

  • Placed orders are tracked by us to ensure they are due to meet expected delivery timings.

  • We operate a preferred dealership network for sourcing vehicles. This network establishes a service level agreement ensuring standards are met and suppliers are managed.

  • Updates are received from dealerships weekly and communicated to drivers as is relevant.

Vehicle delivery

  • Once an ordered vehicle is in stock we will co-ordinate drivers, dealerships and leasing companies to ensure the new vehicle is delivered at a time and location suitable to the driver.

  • Our fleet portal automatically links any existing vehicle assigned under the same driver name to any new order. This enables us to co-ordinate the simultaneous collection of an existing vehicle and delivery of a new one resulting in minimal off road time for the driver.

  • Once delivered we generate, complete and submit the relevant information pertaining to payroll deductions, HMRC reporting and the motor insurance database.

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