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Managing standards on your behalf 

Vehicle supply chain management

We source vehicles from a maximum of 2 manufacturer specific dealerships nationally. This ensures that our clients benefit from a strong and established relationship between us and the dealership borne from the resulting volume of business of multiple client orders. These benefits include a clear understanding of expected standards, service and process, a focused communication structure between both parties, a greater ability to effectively manage a less fragmented supply basis (than if orders were placed on a geographic basis) and a greater degree of goodwill is experienced.

The vehicle supply chain is further managed by account management meetings with key manufacturers where feedback is supplied regarding product and pricing.

Lease company supply chain management

As an independent fleet management company we are able to provide a robust and challenging form of supply chain management of lease suppliers with the sole objective of maximising value for the client, for further information please Click here. We are able to challenge these suppliers in the event there is any short fall in service or inappropriate levy of additional lease cost and represent the client in any negotiations or disputes. The terms and conditions of supply are already pre agreed via the CCS framework RM3710, for further Information Click Here.

We seek to better inform clients on the choices made within the framework. Via the account management process we share supplier scorecards and fleet MI for these suppliers in order that the client can make an informed choice on lease supply.

Our systems maintain data on de – hire charges, tyre and maintenance recharges by leasing company which is shared with the client to demonstrate value rather than purely annual lease cost.

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