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Pool Cars

  Key Features:

  • The drivers conducts only business mileage in the vehicle.

  • The vehicle is made available to multiple drivers.

  • The employer pays all the cost of the lease vehicle.

  • The vehicle may be modified to meet the specific business need (e.g. wheel chair access)

  • VAT charged on the vehicle will be recoverable

  • A vehicle is typically leased for a 3-5 year period on a fully maintained basis.

  • The contractual arrangement for the vehicle is between the leasing company and the employer.

  • The employer will insure the leased vehicle on a fleet policy in order that they can be assured their liability for the asset is covered and in their control.

  • The vehicle may be exempt from road fund licence if it is being used to transport disabled passengers.

  • Livery may be added to the vehicle however must be removed prior to vehicle return.

  • The employer is liable for any costs associated with insurance excess, damage identified at collection, excess mileage and maintenance recharges not covered within the lease maintenance package.

  Policy & Management:

  • Management of pool vehicle availability, collection and return can be managed in house or can be managed via pool car technology embedded within the vehicle. The latter coming at a significant increase to the cost of the vehicle.

  • All drivers permitted to use a pool vehicle need to be verified to ensure they hold the appropriate licences to do so and have received the relevant training to effectively operate the vehicle.

  • Effective management of availability and location is key to minimising down time and maximising value for money.

  • Return checks of the vehicle need to be conducted to ensure it remains roadworthy and any damage is identified.

  • Driver use logs need to be retained for the purposes of identifying drivers and responding to speeding or parking fines.

  • It is advisable for drivers to sign up to a policy which clearly states the expectations and rules associated with driving a pool vehicle to include as a minimum:

  • Requirement to drive within the speed limit.

  • Requirement to park legally.

  • Requirement to advise their employer if they incur any penalty points on their licence.

  • Not to use a mobile phone whilst driving.

  • Requirement to advise their employer if their health and, or medication impacts their ability to drive.

  • To report any accidents promptly and record details of the incident including any 3rd party details.

  • To report any damage to the vehicle promptly.

  • To report any concerns regarding the operation of the vehicle promptly.

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