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People based advisory service - It's good to talk

The range of vehicle choice, variance in pricing and changes in technology and mechanical engineering within the car industry is a daunting area of knowledge for a lease car end user to gain a full appreciation of when choosing and leasing a vehicle. As experts in this field we pride ourself on providing a people based service to assist the end user in navigating their way to their “best fit” vehicle.

Our vehicle selection advisors:


  • Have constant dialogue with manufacturers about makes, models, specification changes and new to market offerings.

  • Are continually talking to leasing companies, manufacturers and accessing quotation portals to identify best value.

  • Physically drive a range of vehicles so that they understand the product they are talking about.

  • Understand how vehicle choice will impact monthly costings in terms of Co2 emissions and vehicle excise duty rates.

  • Are available on the phone to discuss vehicle selection

  • Are passionate about cars.


Our maintenance advisors:

  • Understand the mechanicals workings of a vehicle.

  • Have access to our in-house qualified vehicle technicians.

  • Are available on the phone to discuss any concerns you may have about the operation of your vehicle.

  • Are committed to keeping you mobile when something goes wrong.

Our accident advisors:

  • Understand that an accident can be an upsetting experience.

  • Understand the processes and information your insurer will require.

  • Are available on the phone to discuss how your claim and or vehicle repair is progressing.

  • Are committed to keeping you mobile while your vehicle is in for repair.

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