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Fleet invoice Management
End of contract Vehicle Damage
Fines and charges
Fuel car management

Fleet Invoice Management


We offer a single source invoicing process. This means that the client will receive only invoices from us for all leasing related costs, repair excess & VAT rather than multiple invoices from a variety of suppliers. This approach results in cutting down the volume of invoices for the client to process as well as reducing the number of suppliers the client’s accounts department is required to interact with. Upon receipt of payment we will appropriately dispense the debt to the relevant supplier. We will only raise invoices for supplier invoices that are verified by our systems. All invoices are checked, logged into the fleet portal and are therefore reportable.

End of contract vehicle damage

All invoices raised for de-hire damage are checked and validated by us. In instances where the application of the BVRLA fair wear and tear guidelines are in dispute we will represent the driver/client to challenge the leasing company applying the charges where substantive evidence is provided.



Fines and Charges


All lease car suppliers are instructed to send us all fines and penalties relating to vehicles fleet managed ourselves after which we will advise the supplier (police/local authority) the lease contract dates and name and address of the main driver. Additionally we will contact the main driver to make them aware of the fine or penalty. All fines and penalties are logged on our fleet portal.

Fuel Card Management


Our fleet portal allows data for fuel card requirements to be added at the point of vehicle order. The addition of this data creates a separate process flow for ensuring the fuel card is ordered from the relevant 3rd party and made available upon delivery of the vehicle and cancelled once the vehicle is returned.

Mileage Management


We are able to upload both total and business mileage data to our systems and analyse this data for the purposes of realigning the lease contract with the leasing company where relevant and, or suggest and administrate an adjustment to driver monthly contributions to reflect a more accurate split of business and personal use of the vehicle. This approach to mileage management will result in reducing any sizeable charges for excess mileage at the end of the lease contract for both the driver and the client.

Mileage Management
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